Why GoSpiral Fresh Spirulina?

GoSpiral fresh spirulina is a type of microscopic filamentous algae that has been harvested on a spirulina farm in southern California. It is the world’s most nutrient dense food item, rich in proteins, vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals, pigments and essential fatty acids like linolenic acid.


Our GoSpiral fresh spirulina is superior to any other type, in terms of its bioavailability, nutritional profile, purity, freshness and more.


Why should you consume spirulina daily?


Studies have shown that when fresh spirulina is consumed daily, amazing things happen. This nutritional powerhouse has been shown to:


  • Improve cholesterol levels
  • Prevent and fight cancer
  • Boost immune function and protect against pathogens
  • Fight and reduce inflammation
  • Regulate immune function
  • Improve gut health
  • Increase antioxidant function


The power of fresh spirulina


Here at GoSpiral, we farm fresh, pure spirulina to bring you the highest quality spirulina with the highest nutrient concentration and bioavailability.



When spirulina is fresh, it is better absorbed in the body. Only 2% of powdered spirulina is actually absorbed, greatly minimizing the benefits it can produce. Fresh spirulina on the other hand facilitates 95% absorption, allowing it to work its magic in the body.


            Nutrient density

As our spirulina hasn’t been heat processed or dehydrated, it is an abundant source of quality nutrients.


            Toxin free

Powdered spirulina is often contaminated with other toxins and microalgaes, causing a strong, foul taste and exposure to potentially harmful toxins. Our fresh spirulina has been grown in a fully enclosed farm to ensure the highest product purity.



As our product is fresh and toxin-free, it has a mild, delicious taste, making it a perfect addition to your daily yogurt or smoothie for all the family