• Fresh Spirulina

Fresh Spirulina

Spirulina has been around for ages, but today eat it fresh, like a vegetable. Premium Spirulina delivered to your doorstep.

Fresh Spirulina Products

Cold-Pressed Organic Juices

We crafted three delicious recipes to easily add fresh Spirulina to your daily routine

All juices have two servings of Fresh Spirulina - loaded with nutrition and 10g of plant protein

Juices are high-pressure pastuerized using cold temperature to ensure freshness for six weeks


Feel the Difference

Spirulina Benefits

Fresh vs. Powder?

Unlike powder, when you eat fresh Spirulina the bioactive and "living" enzymes are used by our bodies

Fresh Spirulina has a 95% rate of absorption by our bodies

Spirulina supplements have a 15% absorption rate

Because our grow systems are cleaned daily, the Spirulina culture stays healthy and flavorless

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