Fresh Spirulina

The most nutrient-dense food on the planet.  Zero pesticides, pasteurization or processing.  Never powdered, dehydrated or frozen.

Why GoSpiral Farms?

We are the first company in the State of California certified to produce raw spirulina as a food source.

Why is spirulina so beneficial to human health?

Find us at the Market!

Saturdays: Pasadena Farmer's Market, 2925 Sierra Madre Blvd

Sundays: Studio City Farmer's Market, 2052 Ventura Pl

Never buy powdered spirulina again!

Our Farm

Looking to the Future

Growing this super nutrient dense micro-veggies is incredibly environmentally sustainable. We can produce more nutrition per acre than any other crop with a fraction of the environmental impact. We have no soil degradation, no nutrient run off, no pesticide or herbicide use, very little water use (it is almost all recycled within our enclosed hydroponic system). 

Who is GoSpiral?