To turn a love of farming cyanobacteria into food production for the world community.


To say we are passionate about spirulina is an understatement.  Our owner, Paul, is driven by a love for farming cyanobacteria.  He eats, sleeps, and breathes spirulina.  He has created a successful company for the sole purpose doing what he loves best – working the farm.  People who follow their dreams make great leaders; his enthusiasm is genuine and contagious.

Fresh Spirulina as an everyday food. This is our Vision. In order to help achieve this, GoSpiral farms is committed to producing Fresh Spirulina which is absolutely the freshest possible and of the very highest purity and quality. We will continue to develop innovative growing and processing techniques which will improve product quality and cost. GoSpiral Farms will be a company where employees can thrive and be successful. It is also our vision to be a part of a greater movement; one that works to insure there is a habitable world for our children and their descendants.