GoSpiral Farms is nestled among avocado groves just outside sunny San Diego.

Spirulina only grows naturally in exotic locations such as the mineral-rich alkaline water found near volcanos and a few lakes around the world. In order to farm spirulina outside it natural habitat, a complex system of climate and water content conditions is required. It turns out that the climate for California avocados is excellent for growing Spirulina. We are at about 500 ft. elevation and 10 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. This allows our closed loop reactors to produce an abundant crop year round. We yield approximately 500,000 lb./acre per year. By comparison apples produce 24,000 lb./acre per year. Our culture water recycled and therefore our farm uses very little water for cleaning, rinsing and cooling. We utilize 100% of our nutrients as none are lost due to run off as in traditional agriculture. Our operation is technical and requires highly skilled and trained farm workers.